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The TTD-03.2 turnstiles offer an optimal entrance control solution for areas with high pedestrian flow such as entrances to commercial, public and industrial buildings, banks, shopping outlets, transport terminals and the like.

Delivery set

  • turnstile with built-in electronics
  • remote control panel


  • brushed stainless steel top cover with two built-in LED directional indicators.

Versions and Colour options

TTD-03.2S Box Tripod Turnstile TTD-03.2G Box Tripod Turnstile

Features & Benefits

When installed in one line, these turnstiles will make up the passageway area without installation of extra guide barriers.

The turnstile can be operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems.

LED directional indicators Cable remote control panel
LED directional indicators
(for both directions)
Cable remote control panel

Two LED directional indicators with bright pictograms are located on the top cover as standard: Green Arrow indicates that the turnstile is unlocked to permit a passage and shows the direction of authorised passage; Red Cross indicates that passage is not allowed and shows that the turnstile remains in locked status.

Also the turnstile has relay outputs enabling to connect optional remote light indicators.

Key override control Anti-panic folding arms
Key override control Anti-panic folding arms

The TTD-03.2 is a normally closed unit (N/C), i.e. the turnstile remains locked until it receives a valid authorisation signal or is unlocked with a mechanical release key.

The turnstile features a “Fire Alarm” control input and can be automatically unlocked by a fire alarm signal or emergency button.

A key override allows an operating technician to unlock both directions of the TTD-03.2 turnstile if there is need to override an access control system or in case of emergency or power failure. The mechanical release lock is built into the turnstile housing as standard and provides free rotation of the barrier arms.

Optionally the turnstile can be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to clear the passageway in emergency situations without use of any special keys or tools.

Thanks to its low power consumption, the turnstile is supplied with safe voltage – 14V max.

If required, the turnstiles can be completed with matching railings.

Technical Specifications:

- Điện áp : 12V DC
- Tốc độ hoạt động : 30 người/phút
- Kích thước : 1010×980×220 mm
- Kích thước khi có tay quay : 1010×980×664 mm
- Độ rộng : 500 mm
- Ingress Protection Rating : IP41 under EN 60529
- Nhiệt độ có thể hoạt động : từ +1 °C đến + 40 °C

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