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The Turnstile Security Systems Inc, 7000 is a bi-directional optical turnstile. Optical turnstiles admit one person per valid "card-read" or other authentication, such as bio-metrics. The T.S.S. 7000 is intended for a manned lobby where lobby staff intervention & assistance are available.

Unique Features:

  • Architecturally designed to secure lobby while maintaining open feeling of lobby Area.
  • Barrier-free purely optical technology is ADA compatible ,hands free, low maintenance, and meets all egress/safety codes.
  • Variety of pedestal lengths available to suit any architectural or space concerns.
  • Fan shaped beam pattern reduces installation/alignment concerns.
  • Simplified plug-n-play installation and parts replacement.
  • Integrated steel frame for strength, beauty, and durability.
  • 1/4 " gap anti-tailgating detection range.
  • Capable of simultaneous bi-directional multiple card stacking.
  • Includes multiple direction use attempt detection.
  • Equipped with anti-crawl through detection.
  • Reduces false alarms - differentiates between tailgaters, wheeled laptop bags, and carried items.
  • Main and secondary interconnect boards are located at secure end of pedestal to prevent tampering.
  • Multiple relay outputs (7) allow for detailed event monitoring by access control system.
  • Three (3) year warranty.
Standard Equipment:
  • Pedestal Body: Grained stainless steel finish with integrated steel frame. Radius casework construction such that no exposed seams appear at leading edges. Optional grained brass, Formica TM laminate, anodized aluminum, or powder coated steel in client's choice of colours. Side panels are easily removable for maintenance.
  • Pedestal Top: Grained stainless steel top finished as above. Can substitute Corian TM type solid surfacing single tier top, in choice of colours. Optional custom materials to customer specification (i.e.; natural stone).



  • Pedestal: Each T.S.S. 7000 pedestal is 7"Wx 38" H. Available pedestal lengths vary by model (see below). See page 4 for dimensional drawing.
  • T.S.S 7000R(rounded end pedestals) - Standard pedestal is a 48"L.Optional pedestal lengths of 24", 36", and 60"
  • T.S.S 7000S (squared end pedestals) - Standard pedestal is a 42"L. Optional pedestal lengths of 18", 30" and 54".
  • Lane: The standard lane width (distance between pedestals) is 26" to 28" for pedestrian lanes, and 36" for handicap accessible (ADA) lanes.
  • Optical Detection: Industrial duty infrared photoelectric beams (12) linked to Primary Interconnect Board (PIB) 16-bitmicroprocessor.
  • Sound Card: The T.S.S. SC01 Card emits 4 different tones to indicate lane status – i.e.; valid transaction, invalid card, unauthorized access attempt, or tailgate attempt. Digitally controlled, the SC01 allows for volume adjustment on-board pedestal.
  • Reader Integration: Card Reader mountings for prox readers are located at both ends, immediately under the TFI. Swipe readers, bio-metric readers, or other access control systems can be integrated at both ends through coordination between access control dealer and T.S.S.
  • Power: A 240w 24VDC 10A power supply is provided by manufacturer for each set of up to 4 lanes. 120V 15A circuit should be provided on site.

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