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This automatic wicket gate has proven an ideal access control solution for convenient access of people in wheelchairs, mothers pushing prams or shoppers carrying bulky goods. To ensure convenient passage the WMD-05S gate is available with swing panels of three sizes: 650 mm, 900 mm and 1100 mm.

Delivery set

  • wicket gate post
  • swing panel (of length chosen by a Client at time of order)
  • control unit with built-in standby power supply
  • remote control panel

Features & Benefits:

The WMD-05S wicket gate features new drive with a built-in high-accuracy location sensor (encoder). This high-accuracy positioning feature ensures proper synchronization of operation of two wicket gates installed together and controlled with one signal.

Emergency unlocking input Fire Alarm enables connection of an external device which can unlock the gate for free passage in both directions.

The WMD-05S is operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) as well as can be easily integrated into most access control systems.

When access is granted, the wicket gate automatically opens in the authorized passage direction. Once the passage is complete, the gate swing panel automatically returns to home position.

In case of power failure the built-in standby power supply ensures proper operation of the wicket gate for 90 minutes or 1200 passages.

The WMD-05S is a normally closed unit, i.e. the reset sate of the wicket gate is “closed for entry and exit” - the swing panel is locked in the home position.

The mechanical release lock enables to unlock the gate with a key in the event of emergency Cable remote control panel
Key override control Cable remote control panel

The wicket gate is provided with a mechanical release lock built into the gate post to unlock the gate with a key in the event of emergency or malfunction upon which the swing panel can be manually rotated in either direction and left open.

If required, the wicket gates can be completed with matching railings.

Technical Specifications:

- Control unit power supply:
* AC mains :  220V/50Hz
* External power supply : 24V DC
- Operating voltage : 24V DC
- Throughput rate (in the single passage mode) : 12 persons/min
- Overall dimensions (HxWxD):
* With 650 mm swing panel : 1012×773×145 mm
* With 900 mm swing panel : 1012×1023×145 mm
* With 1100 mm swing panel : 1012×1233×145 mm

- Passage width:
* With 650 mm swing panel : 700 mm
* With 900 mm swing panel : 950 mm
* With 1100 mm swing panel : 1150 mm

- Ingress Protection Rating : IP53 under EN 60529
- Operating temperature range:

* Wicket gate : +1°C to +55°C
* Control unit : +1°C to +40°C


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